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I took over the farm from my dad in 2019 however, have been home farming with my parents since 2012. I am passionate about the livestock on our farm and the regenerative journey we have started.


02 May 2024

Surviving Winter

Claydon Drill

Farming in 2024

It’s been an incredibly wet winter however today was a good day. Today, after months of relentless rain and cold weather and worry we finished sowing. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Winter/Spring 2024

Just a few weeks ago, we were seriously wondering if we would get any cereals in the ground this year. It’s been an incredibly wet winter, as bad a winter/spring as anyone has experienced. Even Jim, who has been working on our farm since before our father came home, can’t remember a season quite as wet. The MET office station in Nikki’s garden recorded multiple record breaking months starting in October.

Many of our fields have been sitting under water and some bits are still too wet to take a tractor near. A number of our winter crops have died after being submerged for so long, so we’re having to re-sow with different crops.  However, Scott and Matthew have been working around the clock and managed to finish sowing at lunch time today. Our hero’s!

The same reports throughout Scotland

We have been relatively lucky. Lambing and calving started just as the weather turned and many of our fields are dry enough to cultivate. Lots of farmers have had it worse than us. There are reports of dead lambs, fields still submerged and a sea of mud throughout Scotland. Sadly, I think parts of England got even more rain than us.
It’s been pretty stressful but it just shows what a team can achieve when everyone works together. Going forward we need to be prepared for more extreme weather which is hard without a crystal ball telling us what’s going to happen. Let’s just hope we get some warmer weather and get some growing done! Just the rolling to finish now 

Worst Winter in Living Memory

We met Katherine Hay a few weeks ago, who is the rural affairs correspondent for the Scotsman and is walking the length of the country interviewing people in rural Scotland. The weather she has walked through and the distances she has covered is amazing. We really enjoyed speaking to her in some rare sunshine in our courtyard. We’ve just seen an article she wrote yesterday about the plight of rural Scotland in the aftermath of so many storms and rain, with many farmers saying it’s the worst winter in living memory.


What we really need now is some heat from the sun to dry up the fields and get things growing. Fingers and toes crossed that the weather improves. Farmers and never happy, it’s true, so please don’t banish the rain until Autumn, we’ll need some again soon.

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