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I am the eldest of three daughters working in the business and have been managing the shop since 2016. I love food, speaking to people and the environment. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen at home cooking and baking with my two little boys, so this is my perfect job.


17 March 2022

Refill reusable bottles here

Plastic Pollution on beach

Saving the planet one reusable bottle at a time

We are delighted to have recently signed up to Refill, a relatively new scheme highlighting businesses where you can fill your water bottle for free. Download the Refill App on your phone and whenever you are out and about you can see the businesses that are offering a free refill of tap water near to you.

We think this is a fantastic project. Having lived by the sea all our lives, we see on a daily basis the sheer volume of plastic on our beaches and in the sea. Every single day we pick at least a carrier bag full of plastic up from the fields our cattle graze. It’s tangled in fences, half buried in the sand or caught on the long grasses. Our cattle find the bright colours interesting and often lick or eat the bits lying around. Often dog owners hang full dog poo bags on the fences and the calves are attracted to them, nudging the bag with their noses and pushing them off into the grass. It’s hard to believe that just over 100 years ago there was no plastic and yet now plants, animals and oceans are drowning in it.

We think it’s everyone’s responsibility to try and reduce their single use plastic consumption. As far as possible we try to reduce plastic in the shop. Our veg isn’t overwrapped, our bags are paper and we have products loose where possible.

Water is something we are asked for often in the shop. A few years ago we switched away from selling water in plastic bottles and moved to cans and glass bottles. However, if our customers have their own water bottle we will be absolutely delighted to offer a refill as a sustainable alternative. With our shop situated only a stones throw from the Fife Coastal Path we hope we are well placed

The Refill organisation aims to stop plastic pollution at the source by reducing single-use plastic items most commonly found on our beaches, rivers and oceans. Inspiring and empowering people to change their behavior through simple solutions. Refill encourages everyone to rethink, refuse, reduce and reuse.


Reusable water bottles come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and almost everyone has one. Pop it in your bag next time you are out and about and check out the Refill app to keep hydrated while keeping the countryside, rivers, beaches and oceans plastic free.

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