Article by: Claire

I took over the farm from my dad in 2019 however, have been home farming with my parents since 2012. I am passionate about the livestock on our farm and the regenerative journey we have started.

Farm Life

19 October 2021

Our Vet

The cattle had a bit of a spa day today with Eden Veterinary Practice giving them a pedicure. They use this wonderful piece of equipment to safely check each hoof and trim as needed.
The health of our cattle is of utmost importance to us and interestingly during the journey to high health the role of our vet has completely changed. Before, we used the vet to treat illness, reacting to situations that we found ourselves in. Now, we consult with our vet, create health plans and blood test to identify problems before they become ill. We never blanket vaccinate and nutrition is analysed. We have eradicated diseases that are difficult to combat through blood testing and breeding and we’ve closed our herd (which means we don’t buy anything in, therefore ensuring we don’t bring disease onto the farm). Perhaps not surprisingly our medicine bill has drastically reduced.

We look forward to our annual meetings with the vet setting out goals for the year ahead. Discussing what we have achieved to date and what steps we can take next. Happy and healthy animals is our top priority and excellent vets are vital as part of our team

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