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I am the eldest of three daughters working in the business and have been managing the shop since 2016. I love food, speaking to people and the environment. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen at home cooking and baking with my two little boys, so this is my perfect job.

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07 July 2021

New Season Potatoes

It’s been another funny year. Spring was unbelievably cold, temperature records were broken. We had snow late on, ground temperatures sat really low and we began to worry that nothing would start growing. It’s always easier when you have someone with years of experience to lean on, however with this being our second year without dad, it wasn’t a great time for unprecedented temperatures. Having said that, we have the most wonderful team around us, with many years of experience and they remained confident we had sown and planted our crops at the right time.

As it turns out, they were right. We have a beautiful crop of potatoes growing and the first variety is ready. Our home grown, Charlotte, potatoes are now available in the shop. These are grown just a stones throw from the farm steading and, for now, are dug fresh every morning. A second early potato, they are perfect for boiling or steaming and delicious in salads.

It’s lovely to see them in the shop after all the work that went into growing them.

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