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I am the eldest of three daughters working in the business and have been managing the shop since 2016. I love food, speaking to people and the environment. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen at home cooking and baking with my two little boys, so this is my perfect job.

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12 April 2024

Steading & Co

A wrap with houmous and pink microgreens on top.

East Neuk Microgreens

Last weekend we welcomed Alex from Steading & Co to our shop with the very first delivery of their fantastic microgreens. Based just along the road near Upper Largo, we are delighted to be working with this new company providing nutrient dense, local microgreens.

Steading & Co., comprises of husband and wife duo, Alex and Symone, and is part of a wider family farm operation. Originally from Ireland, they moved from their busy lives in Calgary, Canada, to rural Scotland to be closer to family and focus on building a life of health.

High Demand

Their first delivery arrived last Thursday and it was completely sold out by Saturday. The microgreens are grown by Alex and Symone and take two weeks to be ready to harvest. Therefore we will have them back in store by April 22nd and stocks will be replenished weekly from that day forward.

We will have three different kinds on sale:

Pea shoots for an uplift (sweet nutty flavour)
Radish for a little kickstart (fresh, peppery flavour)
Beetroot for grounding (earthy flavour).

How to enjoy microgreens

You can enjoy microgreens in many different ways, in smoothies, added to salads, they look beautiful on top of soups, in sandwiches or just as a snack. Alex made some delicious samples while he was here, one of which was a lovely wrap. During the team training the wraps were a big hit with everyone agreeing they would definitely make them at home. Likewise, the lucky customers who tasted them really enjoyed the fresh crunch and delicious taste. Alex was kind enough to share his recipe and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have.


- 1 wrap
- 1 cup of cooked quinoa
- 1 red pepper
- 2-3 spring onions
- houmous
- feta (optional)
- juice of half a lemon
- 1 tbsp olive oil
- 1 bunch parsley
- 80g microgreen of choice


1. Cook quinoa to packet instructions and let cool.
2. Finely chop parsley, spring onion and red pepper.
3. Add chopped ingredients to quinoa and mix.
4 Add lemon juice and olive oil to quinoa mix. Salt & pepper to taste.
5. Spread houmous on wrap
6. Add quinoa mix
7. Sprinkle feta on top, if using.
8 Load up microgreens and roll up wrap.
9. Enjoy!

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