Article by: Fiona

I set up the farm shop with my husband in 2005 to sell our own beef. Since then the shop has grown more than we could ever imagine. We now support hundreds of local suppliers, have changed the way we farm and built a kitchen on site. Nowadays I can be found in all aspects of the business however most of the time I supervise the kitchen and love spending time helping in the shop so I can chat to our customers.


05 December 2021

Homemade Turkey Gravy

We make our Ardross gravy here in our kitchen using real ingredients. We use free range bronze turkey carcasses for the base of the stock and they are roasted for an hour to bring out the flavours and intensity. We then add them to a huge pot with freshly dug carrots, celery, parsley, bay, onion and seasoning and this is boiled for five to six hours. Once ready the liquid is strained and this is the turkey stock we use for the base of our gravy.

Turning the stock into gravy is the next part. We make a roux and then gradually add the stock. When it reaches the right consistency we season and add our secret ingredient, Pittenweem Preserves redcurrant jelly. This gives the gravy a lovely sweetness to it.

The turkey gravy is sold in our shop, just defrost and heat before serving. Christmas can be stressful enough without worrying about making the gravy!

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