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I am the eldest of three daughters working in the business and have been managing the shop since 2016. I love food, speaking to people and the environment. I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen at home cooking and baking with my two little boys, so this is my perfect job.

Events News

14 April 2023

Flock to the Show

A flock of hand painted sheep

We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen to host two beautifully hand painted sheep as part of the Flock to the Show public art trail. This is a fantastic trail touring across Scotland to celebrate the return of World Sheep Shearing & Woolhandling Championships, Golden Shears, to the Royal Highland Show 2023.

Visit the Sheep

The Flock to the Show sheep will be arriving with us on Tuesday 18th April until Monday 1st May. You will be able to come and see these beautiful pieces of art during shop opening times and are welcome to take pictures.

Which sheep will we have

We have just been told that we will have the following sheep on our farm

Sheepscape by Charity McArdle.

Design inspiration: I am in awe of the scale of the views, the ever-changing light of our infinite skies and how these shifts are constantly noted on the Scottish landscape. When I see the man-made structures that map our history and point to our future, they seem so fragile against sea and sky, and yet the strength of their symbolism – innovation, industry and renewal- belies the impact of our constant need for growth. But there is hope, hope that we can look up and see the bigger picture; that with innovation, industry and renewal, we will tackle the biggest challenge to humanity.

The cause is Regenerative Farming, something very close to our hearts.

BaaaAT-BEE by Gerry Gapinski

Design inspiration: or the last couple of years, I have taken up cycling in and around Edinburgh. This has led me to the discovery of a whole network of cycle paths, which run deep into the countryside using old rail networks of a bygone era. For the last few springs and summers, I have travelled many a mile along these routes, awe struck that I am able to travel, in some cases through the heart of farmland, that would otherwise be inaccessible. During this time, I took many pictures of the nature and wildlife that I passed along the way. Upon first seeing the template for the sheep, I knew immediately I wanted to capture these memories of spring and summer in the Scottish countryside on my sheep.

The cause is Changing trends in consumers, focusing on farmers diversifying and satisfying the changing needs of the customers.

Perfect sheep for us

These two sheep are the ideal sheep for us and sum up what we do here at Ardross perfectly. Rooting for a better future whilst adapting and diversifying to meet consumer demand.

Please come and visit, take pictures, tag us on social media and use #FlockToTheShow hashtag.

Flock to the Show Competition

The Royal Highland Show also have a competition running along side Flock to the Show. Someone in each area is in with the chance to win a VIP Royal Highland Show Experience. Anyone can enter by downloading a sheep outline and creating their own design. Good luck!

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