Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & delivery

At the moment you can order our gift vouchers online however, anything else we need an email or phone call from you to process. We have thousands of products, and our business isn’t big enough to keep those products up to date online. You can however order from us for couriers over the phone or via email.

Farm shop

We don’t have a cafe however we do have fabulous takeaway tea, coffee and hot chocolate, homemade sausage rolls, scotch eggs, home baking and much more. There is a fantastic selection of cafes in our local area. In Elie there is Habour House  ( , The Ship Inn (Home – The Ship Inn | Elie), The Station Buffet (Home – The Station Buffet Bar) and The Pavillion restaurant & cafe ( . In St.Monans there is The Giddy Ganet (4) Giddy Gannet | Facebook and East Pier (in the summer) East Pier Smokehouse .

We don’t have public toilets on site. There are public toilets in both Elie and St.Monans which are our neighbouring villages.

Farm questions

A field of kale

We are a mixed arable farm. We have sheep and cattle and also grow wheat, barley, oilseed rape, beans, vegetables for the shop and have our own hives for honey.

a wildflower meadow

Regenerative agriculture goes further than just being sustainable, it aims to benefit the whole ecosystem. Keep the soil covered, reduce inputs and enhance biodiversity.

Cattle sitting on dunes next to the sea

Our cattle graze on the dune system lying between our farm and Elie, in the grass parks beside Elie house and in fields on Balcarres Estate near Colinsburgh

A flock of sheep

We do have sheep. In 2013 Claire decided to bring them back to the farm to add more diversity, which we feel is key to biodiversity and soil health. The breed of sheep we have are Easy Care and they do exactly what their name suggests. They are largely left to their own devices and are very good at lambing outside by themselves.

Get in Touch

If you have any other questions, please let us know and we will be back in touch as soon as we can.