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Christmas Poultry

Gartmorn Farm Poultry

Roger, Susan and their family’s ethos is to rear happy, healthy, free range birds that have lived as naturally as possible.We are very proud to have been working with Gartmorn for years. Sadly they have stopped rearing poultry all year round but we are delighted that they are continuing to produce Christmas and Thanksgiving turkeys, chickens and ducks.

As with previous years all birds are oven ready and some with giblets. Prices this year are slightly different as it is a fixed price rather than a price per kg. We ask for a non-refundable deposit which is deducted from the final price of your order.

Turkeys, ducks and chicken are sold on a first come, first served basis. Especially this year we would advise you to put your order in as soon as possible.

‘Happy, healthy, free range birds that have lived as naturally as possible’
Approx price
Free Range Bronze Turkeys
4kg/ 8.8lb
4-6 people
5kg/ 11lb
4-6 people
6kg/ 12.2lb
4-6 people
7kg/ 15.4lb
4-6 people
8kg/ 17.6lb
4-6 people
9kg/ 19.8lb
4-6 people
Bronze Turkey Crown
Whole turkey with legs removed
7 people
10 people
13 people
16 people
Peking duck
2-3 people
Free Range Chickens
up to 6 people
up to 8 people
up to 10 people

Please pre-order to avoid disappointment

Our order book closes at 5.30pm on Sunday 13th December

Tel: 01333 331400 Email:


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